I collaborate on and lead interdisciplinary research at the intersection of cognition, linguistics, data science, and machine learning, often with the comp-syn team. My interdisciplinary publications are listed below:

(5) D. Guilbeault, S. Delecourt, T. Hull, B. S. Desikan, M. Chu, and E. O. Nadler. Online images amplify gender bias. 2024, Nature, 626, 1049.

(4) E. O. Nadler, E. Darragh-Ford, B. S. Desikan, C. Conaway, M. Chu, T. Hull, and D. Guilbeault. Divergences in Color Perception between Deep Neural Networks and Humans. 2023, Cognition, 241, 105621.

(3) M. Chu, B. S. Desikan, E. O. Nadler, R. L. Sardo, E. Darragh-Ford, and D. Guilbeault. Signal in Noise: Exploring Meaning Encoded in Random Character Sequences with Character-Aware Language Models. 2022, Proceedings of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 7120.

(2) B. S. Desikan, T. Hull, E. O. Nadler, D. Guilbeault, A. A. Kar, M. Chu, R. L. Sardo comp-syn: Perceptually Grounded Word Embeddings with Color. 2020, Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, 1744.

(1) D. Guilbeault, E. O. Nadler, M. Chu, R. L. Sardo, A. A. Kar, and B. S. Desikan. Color associations in abstract semantic domains. 2020, Cognition, 201, 104306.


I am involved in several artistic pursuits related to my research. Examples include: