Mentoring & Teaching


Mentoring a diverse group of students on research in astrophysics and cosmology is an important part of my scientific practice. My graduate and undergraduate mentorship experiences are listed below:

Graduate students

Undergraduate, Post-baccalaureate, & High School students

  • Deveshi Buch, Stanford: Constrained cosmological simulation suite of Milky Way analogs (D. Buch, E. O. Nadler et al. 2024);

  • Shuxing Fang, USC: Large Magellanic Cloud infall in self-interacting dark matter cosmologies;

  • Abigail Lee, University of Pennsylvania → University of Chicago: Universality of subhalo disruption from Milky Way to galaxy cluster scales;

  • Nyal McCrea, Central Washington Unversity (Simons-NSBP Scholar): Visualizing subhalo evolution in cosmological hydrodynamic simulations;

  • Ellen Min, Caltech: Code development and Python implementation for Galacticus;

  • Nicel Mohamed-Hinds, Stanford → University of Washington: Modeling subhalo disruption in hydrodynamic cosmological simulations;

  • Veronica Pratt, Stanford → Tufts: Large Magellanic Cloud analogs in the Satellites Around Galactic Analogs Survey;

  • Juan Quiroz, Caltech: Semi-analytically modeling subhalo evolution in decaying dark matter cosmologies;

  • Derek Rodriguez, USC Hybrid High School → UCLA: Subhalo evolution and dark matter host halo structure in the Symphony simulations;

  • Resherle Verna, USC → UT Austin: Evolution of the subhalo and splashback mass function in hydrodynamic simulations of self-interacting dark matter;

  • Logan White, NCSU (Simons-NSBP Scholar): Growth of structure in warm, interacting, and fuzzy dark matter.


I have assisted with several undergraduate and graduate physics courses, including as a guest lecturer and author of course materials. Highlights include:

University of Southern California

University of California, Davis

Stanford University

University of California, Santa Barbara